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The Australia Budget

I believe it’s helpful to read traveler’s budgets to give you an idea of what you may spend in a country. I previously shared my New Zealand budget so it’s only logical to follow that up with my Australia budget.

Thanks again to @ShannonRTW at A Little Adrift for the amazing budget spreadsheet that has allowed me to track all of my spending in great detail.

Australia was very expensive for me. I was aiming to spend about $2500 for the 39 days I was there, but I went way over budget. While in Australia, the exchange rate was $1 AUD to .99 US dollar. In the end, I spent roughly $3652.37 AUD or $3689.26 US dollars or $94.60 a day. As I said, I went way over budget. It appears the AUD is stronger today so if I had spent the $3652.37 AUD now, it would cost a few hundred dollars more, $3899.32.

The Australia Budget


My budget is broken up into seven categories: lodging, food, entertainment, activities, transportation, misc and internet. I’ve also included my notes for each day to give a little more insight into how I track expenses.

It will be a little harder to break my budget down due to purchasing most accomodation and activities through a travel agent at Peter Pans. With having only 39 days in Australia, I wanted to be sure to see everything I wanted and an agent helped to make sure I was exactly where I wanted to be when I needed to be there especially since I was traveling over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The total cost for the package was $1800 AUD or $1818 USD. This included almost all my lodging, my three day tour of Uluru, my transportation up the eastern coast, a Great Ocean Road tour, sailing the Whitsundays, a snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef, visiting Magnetic Island and a few other sightseeing excursions. Unfortunately, the agent could not break the price up into categories so I have to lump the price into activity column even though it included accomodation.


The total here was $414 AUD or $418.18 USD. This is for a 15 day YHA pass and an unexpected night in a hostel due to the flooding. It’s really hard to average this out due to my Peter Pan package.


I think I did decent here. Total of $308.52 AUD or $311.63 USD. I followed the same process as New Zealand and bought a lot of groceries in order to carry sandwiches and snacks with me whenever possible. I didn’t eat out a great deal which saved a good amount of money.


I don’t really use this column a great deal but I included my visit to the Sydney IMAX. The ticket was $22.80 AUD or $23.03 USD. Expensive, but it was incredible and a check off my bucket list.


This is the huge one. Totals were $2241.20 AUD or $2263.82 USD but that includes the $1800 AUD travel package. It was higher due to a few other unplanned excursions such as diving on the Great Barrier Reef (AWESOME), a day trip to Cape Tribulation, the Koala Center on Magnetic Island, Sydney Opera House and ACMI in Melbourne. I figure as long as I’m in Australia, I should do as much as possible even if it is expensive.



Even with the travel package, this came to $433.9 AUD or $438.28 USD due to the floods. I was in Brisbane as the flooding began and was unable to take my Greyhound bus to the next destination. This meant I had to buy a last minute plane ticket to the Whitsundays which cost me $292.50 AUD. Other transportion costs were mainly shuttle buses or buses around towns.


This totaled $126.05 AUD or $127.32 USD. It mainly entailed laundry, postcards, gifts and shipping. I also had to buy an umbrella at one point due to all the rain.


Just like NZ, internet in Australia was expensive. I spent $105.91 AUD or $106.98 USD on Global Gossip internet access. That’s not too bad for almost six weeks but still more than necessary. I also used McDonald’s wifi whenever possible to save a few dollars.

The biggest lesson I learned in Australia is that traveling can always bring unexpected expenses. The plane ticket is proof of that. When budgeting for a trip, always have an emergency fund for unexpected situations.

Australia definitely cost a great deal more than planned but it was oh so worth it. Even going over budget, I don’t regret any of the money I spent. Australia is an amazing country and all of my experiences were incredible.

The world's largest monolith

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  1. Like you Mike, I found Australia an easy place to go over budget, but the experiences you get in return are memorable! :)

  2. Yep, as someone who lives there, Australia is expensive. And Sydney is expensive, even for locals. It’s going to become a real problem for tourism as our dollar gets stronger (but great for me about to go travelling in the Americas!).

    It’s definitely worth the expense though, and I’m glad you thought so too :)
    megan recently posted..Afternoon at the Mongolian Museum

  3. What company did you go with for the travel package?

  4. Okay, that’s what it sounded like. I’m trying to go on a similar tour with them in Jan. any chance you have a contact there? I’ve emailed them a few times but have not hear back. Ad I fly to Sydney in 4 days. Very last min trip. Thanks again, your page helped me decide to hit up the east coast.

    • Sadly, I don’t remember who I went through. I was referred to a guy by someone I traveled with in New Zealand. Sorry about that. Yay, glad my page was able to help. Enjoy Australia. It’s spectacular.

  5. We came in at $203/day for two of us in Australia so don’t feel too bad about overspending! Like you, we wanted to see the natural beauties of Australia so our costs increased quite a bit with our trips to Alice Springs and Uluru along with Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We definitely thought it was worth it though!

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